20/20 Special
World Aids Day
1st December 2000

As a journalist, I know only too well the degree of YAWN factor in most editor's minds when it comes
to covering World Aids Day. A half page to a page
of the usual rubbish fulfills their 'community duty'
for another year.

But this year, president Mbeki has questioned
Aids, and on World Aids Day, ABC TV 20/20 are running a feature on Aids Rethinkers.

Folks, we are the only story in town on Aids.
All else is Yawn. Ok, some editors will not even consider our angle -but plenty of media people
are just looking for good copy
-and ours fits the bill.

Notify media of the existence of the campaign now
to reserve space on their Aids page.
To make it thru the editorial process,
get press-releases, etc to media
2 days before 1 Dec.

This is a great opportunity.
Let's Maximise it.

Fintan Dunne

1st December 2000

Make your mark
on World Aids Day
Expose the Scam

Your Actions
Coordinate with others.
Plan now for next week.
Advance notify Media from today.
Prepare letters, emails.
(Right-click to download any
of our 'Scam' graphics.)

Media Blitz

from Friday to keep ahead of
media's Aids feature deadline.


Post 'Scam' info on forums etc.
Make your own Aids Scam webpage
or Link to

...More later this week...
Your Opinion
Post your own paragraphs:
"The World Aids Scam is ....."
in the Discussion Forum.
Email suggestions to mail@aidsmyth

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An alternative 1st Dec.

World Aids Scam

Drugs Kill Not HIV

later this week

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21st Nov 2000

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The Alternative
World Aids Day

After this year's World Aids Day,
things will never be the same.

Prime Time TV in the USA is running a
'20/20' special on Aids Rethinkers
-who do not accept the diagnosis of Aids,
the HIV test or the sexual transmission
of the still unproven HI virus.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, president Mbeki's
Aids Panel is planning scientific experiments to
determine if there really
is an African epidemic.
His recently convened panel includes scientists
silenced for years -who say Aids is a medical blunder;
the famous virus has never been proven
to cause Aids, and HIV may not even
exist as a true biological entity.

And in San Francisco, ACTUP/SF are dodging in
and out of court -attracting the ire of Mayor Willie Brown and the high-salaried executives of Aids Inc.

The Scam is coming undone.

What is it?
The World Aids Scam is
reclassifying the malnourished and poor as Aids victims.
In the Band Aid era we promised to embrace them.
In the HIV-Aids era we shun them as infectious.
We say they're sick, sell them pills.
World Aids Day makes lepers of the poor.

The World Aids Scam is
ignoring that Aids drug side-effects are killing patients.
The vast majority of so-called Aids deaths are treatable conditions, rendered fatal by chemotherapy overkill.
World Aids Day sanctions iatrocide.

The World Aids Scam is
Obscene Money for drug corporates$, money for doctors$,
money for researchers$, money for Aids service professionals$,
money for public relations agencies, $$$$$$ for Aids Inc.
World Aids Day is $elling Death.

The World Aids Scam is
pretending the deaths among gays from socially-induced
pressure on health are a random virus, not a social crime.
World Aids Day is homophobic.

The World Aids Scam is
targeting minorities like Blacks, Hispanics and recently, American and Alaskan Indians. It aims to convince them
declining community health is due to Aids, rather than deprivation, racist zero-tolerance and market forces.
World Aids Day is bigotry's White lie.

The World Aids Scam is
suspicion of your sex partner and fear of the viral enemy.
In 1984, Pres. Reagan told us an Aids enemy had infiltrated.
Now Orwell's Anti-Sex League polices our intimacy and urges
'responsible' sex in an isolated, comdomized culture.
World Aids Day is Big Brother Fascism.

The World Aids Scam is
mass marketing a pre-millennial end-of-the-world cult.
A cult born in hysteria and fear. Just modern McCarthyism. Answer the question! Declare your 'status.'
"Are you now, or have you ever been, a HIVpositivist?"
World Aids Day is a crusading witchhunt.

World Aids Day
is conducted with missionary zeal

by pop stars, politicians, celebrities and public health
guardians of all hues - in a chorus of
self-congratulatory do-goodism.

The Mullahs of Aids preach
"Death is the price of Sex"
Our penance is profitable, expensive Aids drugs.
To pay this penance we must raid poor countries' meagre
health budgets; siphoning funds needed to treat real health threats like malaria or tuberculosis; abandoning sustainable health gains through improved sanitation and nutrition.

Meanwhile. These drugs are are failing in the West.
As they always have. And still killing in the West.
As they always have.
And always will,
until we..

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