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Is Fintan Dunne Jewish?, 1st June, 2006

This issue has been rumbling on --especially since I outed the CIA Fakes back in August 2005. That's when the whispering campaign kicked into gear.

It was low level stuff alleging that the reason I had outed the Fakes was --as my nose showed-- that I was actually Jewish and working for the Mossad. I let it ride because it was so pathetic and because I wanted to see if the disinfo merchants would keep it up, or come up with anything better.

Nevertheless, I knew that some people would be snowed by the spin. So it went around. I knew it was all designed to try deflect my 9/11 investigation and my outing of the CIA Fakes. Most serious researchers are aware of the smear, and it has come up a few times in the BreakForNews Forum :

  Jerry Fletcher: That was over 100 WEBSITES folks! I've been looking, believe me, for some really good retort from ANY of them - some sort of counter argument other than, "I know you are, but what am I?", or "Fintan obviously got his nose from the Mossad!" It was like kindergarten. They exposed themselves by their reactions - most tellingly by refusing to react or even acknowledge. 'Just too ridiculous to warrant a response' usually means right on. Link
  Ormond: Hope everyone's aware that the "Fintan doesn't look Irish" ...hmmmmmm" remarks have come from a couple of trolls who have tried the worn out ruse of "Jew baiting". Such attempts smack of infiltration by disinfo provacateurs hoping to pull the blog down the level of StormFront, but nobody real here is dumb enough to fall for it. Link

But yesterday, I got word that a website called (which hides its domain owners), has placed a photo of me in an article [archived here] about two jewish businessmen whom it says took over a small town.

Now, the text establishes absolutely no reason why my photo should be linked with these businessmen. Got it? No link whatsoever.

But there my photo sits anyway --in a special section about alleged child molestestation and abduction by the two jewish men. Cute eh?

So, for the permanent record, I am now establishing unambiguously that I am an Irish Catholic. Not a Jewish Catholic. Lol. But a dyed-in-the-wool Irish Roman Catholic by birth and lineage.

I have blanked some confidential detail in the following, and I have provided download links to high quality scans for verification. Here goes:

Now that's a marriage certificate for me (obtained today from the Irish Registrar) relating to a wedding in the Catholic Church of St. Brigid, Kildare, Ireland. So, if I am jewish, it begs the interesting question of what I am doing getting married in a Catholic Church back in the 1980's.
Higher quality

And this l'il ol' me at my first communion or confirmation. Lol.

Again undeniably Catholic --as seen in the dudes on the right
taken from pages on the internet. [here here and here]

Higher quality

And I got plenty more where that came from.

Now maybe we can get to see if there is any more coherent response to my investigations than the "Fintan Dunne is a Jew" rubbish.

Back to the important stuff.....

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