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Fintan Dunne

Journalist, Broadcaster, Entrepreneur


"Is law the right mechanism for enforcing our rights in a globalized world? This is just recognizing political realities. A lot of this is because every bad thing that happens is made to light the living room of every home by the evening." < 9:20


Money can buy a house, but it can't buy a home
So even with money you still feel all alone
Money can buy you friends, but it can't buy family
Money can't make you happy, that's just a fallacy
It can buy a bath, but it can't buy purity
It can buy bodyguards, but it can't buy security
While people around the world starve, I eat
Cause money can buy war, but it can't buy peace  >


"In Syria today, the US is playing politics of the lowest common denominator. It's all about denying Putin or Assad a political victory. It's been a very clear and deliberate policy by CENTCOM -who act as 'Viceroys' in this area".

"Look at US defense estimates for 2019, you'll find $550Million for the Kurds"
< 2:30

DREAMER | Sako Isoyan feat. Irina Makosh 
Hold me tight this lonely night
You will always be my light
You doubt me all that I do
We will matter me and you

I'm gonna take it in and breathe it
Wipes us free
If you're not here , I'd rather be a dreamer
And breathe, wipes us free
If you're not here, I'd rather be a dreamer

Turns any Android phone into a your own self-defense surveillance system

“Haven can also be used as a cheap home or office security system to detect break-ins while you’re away. Or you can use it to monitor for wildlife in rural areas, or to capture evidence of human rights violations and disappearances.”

Luxury Organic Neem Oil Skin Cream
4 oz / 100g

Well I'm almost ready to reorder neem .
I finally convinced my father to try the powder after spreading some neem oil cream on his arthritic hand and he's having great results....
Great to see that happen.... thanks..

I was on neem 3 times a day for 5 days and felt much much better,  best in 3 years....
~ Dan Canada l >

rta0 | Optrimal Path to Zero Road Deaths

Turn your smartphone into
a road accident protector

Alice is a traffic-aware smartphone app
which scans the road around you and
instantly alerts you to dangers.

Alice uses artificial intelligence to help
ensure her phone users never run
into each other by accident. More >

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Pro Bono Public Interest Projects
An '81 Apple technologist and journalist. [Bio]
I've run a media suicide prevention campaign; helped to free the falsely jailed; highlighted unsolved murder; interviewed many on public issues; fought for justice for Ireland's unwed mothers; and recently founded
a road safety initiative via smartphones.


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